Update for Photon Fun

Figure 1: The Diminutive MCU on a 3 inch breadboard, color inverted

In my last blog post on this topic from over a year ago, I walked through the setup of a development environment for the Photon MCU board (a board made by Particle, a company which is not associated with this author or site in any way. I really like their MCU boards though!). Recently, I decided that the AMD-64, with its tether (in the form of a 110V power plug), its twenty pounds, and its voracious appetite for power, was a poor development machine for a 4 gram MCU board. OK – that was a (slight) under-exaggeration.

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The Odroid XU4 with a New OS

Figure 1: The Odoid XU4 compiling and surfing at the same time.

Here is a short video of my Odroid XU4 “desktop” – a sort of light desktop which is surprisingly quick for its power draw. In the video it’s seen to be running Firefox with only a little lag, while simultaneously compiling (firefox itself) – on seven cores. Note the old hub below the Odroid, much bigger AND much older than the diminutive SoC/SBC. I purchased the hub in 1992 and it’s still working fine, albeit at 10 megabits/s (LOL).

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