The Odroid XU4 with a New OS

Figure 1: The Odoid XU4 compiling and surfing at the same time.

Here is a short video of my Odroid XU4 “desktop” – a sort of light desktop which is surprisingly quick for its power draw. In the video it’s seen to be running Firefox with only a little lag, while simultaneously compiling (firefox itself) – on seven cores. Note the old hub below the Odroid, much bigger AND much older than the diminutive SoC/SBC. I purchased the hub in 1992 and it’s still working fine, albeit at 10 megabits/s (LOL).

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3 Responses to The Odroid XU4 with a New OS

  1. Mike says:

    have you tried using Arch Linux | ARM?
    I don’t know of a board they don’t support.


    • I haven’t tried Arch on the XU4, but have on the Pi2. I think Arch and Gentoo are very similar. They’re both minimalistic distros (or can be, easily). You’re right, Arch supports a lot of boards – they’re “sort of” the NetBSD of Linux. But, I’m getting along OK with Gentoo. Have you tried it?


  2. I’ve had some issues with using emerge –sync recently, so have been updating portage with snapshots by using the webrsync utility. It seems too easy, but is there a catch? Are there any security angles to consider?


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