NetBSD Rocks!

Figure 1:  My tiny, tiny, tiny homemade tablet with NetBSD running on it.

I’ve managed to run NetBSD on my Pi2 and Odroid C1 SoC/SBC computers.  Next on the wish list is the XU4 or N2, whichever comes first.

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Note that NetBSD is a trademark of the NetBSD foundation, and this author and site have no affiliation with them, other than we use NetBSD.

WordPress Image Backup

Since this page is hosted on WordPress, I like to keep a backup of all the files and images on the site. The files (html, etc) are easy to backup – using the WP admin panel and the tools->export method. But, the graphic images are not exported along with the html files. Instead, the export xml file has links to the images inside of it. There are a few methods for downloading images, found on various sites, but most of them do not fit the simple meme well enough for me.

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