My Homemade Tablet (wiring harnesses)


Posted June 2015:

This page contains various pictures showing construction phases, most of which are no longer valid.  I’ve changed things around quite a lot.  For instance at one point I was using AA batteries (that’s not really viable, as it turns out, for a number of reasons).

The big red “X” in some of the graphics shows some of the things that have been removed or changed. Many other things have been changed, as well as those indicated. The pics depict in-process stuff that’s missing the battery retainer pads, periperals, and other needed parts that eventually made it into the final iteration of the box.






Figures 1-6:  Several of the construction alignments that were discarded are shown in the preceding pictures (logos blurred to keep the commercial people happy). The black batteries are Imedions, and are my favorites.


Figure 7: I have found rocker switches to be better than toggles.

Rocker switches are slightly less apt to be bumped (or stick into your ribs). It’s still possible to accidentally switch one off (yes voice of experience).


Figure 8: Forstner bits must be used with care. Very securely clamped work pieces, and a drill press come in handy for this.

Forsters? Yeah, they’re cheaper than Greenlee punches, but if I recommended things then I would recommend the latter.  I don’t recommend things. The Forster’s should probably be used only in a drill press.  The DC-DC converter was discarded for a somewhat beefier unit. I think a margin of 2X the expected power handling capability is good. But – I’m just the hobbyist here.  I’m not making any specific recommendation for margin.


Figure 9: Subfloor construction.

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Note: the author does not have a recent, applicable background in circuit building, or battery related issues, so this is presented as the work of a hobbyist, and is not meant for duplication by others. Readers should look elsewhere for design advice and info.

Imedion and PowerEx are trademarks of Maha Energy Corp.  This author and site has no affiliation with them.

Note: The Odroid site is and is not affiliated with this site in any way.

1 Response to My Homemade Tablet (wiring harnesses)

  1. I dropped the homemade tablet once already, from the top of the bed to the hardwood floor, with no damage occuring. My heart was in my throat for a few minutes though!


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