Orange Box and a New Face (4)


Another nice thing to note about ogg123:  it’s run from the command line so you can Ctrl-C through the playlist to skip to the song you want to hear (one song per Ctrl-C).  This only works if you’ve used some kind of wildcard in the song list.

I have a ten pack of AA cell NiMH batteries, and they’ll run all day, powering the orange box.  Well, is six and a half hours “all day” ?  It would be if I turned it off for lunch and dinner.  I probably mentioned that I’m a big NiMH fan, in spite of their heftier weight and volume numbers.  The tiny display is crucial for the long run-time.  It draws only 150 mA, and I can turn off the backlight easily.  When listening to tunes, I usually do just that.  Because of the gap I left for ventilation, I can slip a toothpick into the gap to reach the backlight switch.  There is supposedly an HDMI way to do this, but on NetBSD I’m not holding my breath.  Or not?  They seem to be doing pretty well with ARM devices these days.

To be continued …



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