Playing with a Photon (4)

phtonblast1My photo pics didn’t turn out that well.  I think I do better with the camera.  Anyway …

It’s nice to have a somewhat increased performance, 32 bit system, and to be able to wedge it between the “higher powered nodes” – which are perhaps Pi’s, and “lower powered nodes” – including perhaps a collection of some PICs, or similar, or a collection of sensors. This part of the grand plan has been missing for a while.

I wanted to know if there were any “system opened” ports on the device.  Since it can be operated in cloud mode, and because requests and updates can be pushed out to it, I wanted to check to see if there were any preconfigured facilities for doing that, when I was using it in local mode.

After flashing my tcpserver app to the board, I did a port scan on the device, using nmap.  Two ports were open – one for ping, and the other was my webserver.  Great!

To be continued …


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