Update to Photon Fun (2)

 Figure 1: The Photon on a three inch breadboard, color inverted for fun.

So, the presumed way that a person builds code for the Photon is to use the Atom editor (GUI)  add-on made specifically for the purpose, a WEB GUI (online), or something in a similar vein.  I guess that the more complicated projects may benefit, organization-wise, from the GUI.  I mentioned that I had installed the Particle-for-Atom software on the AMD-64 machine I was using for programming the Photon.  But really, how complicated can it get (for the average person’s purpose for this board)?

I’m thinking that the Pi2 may not be the best processor to run the Atom, but I may try it for grins (stay tuned).  In the meantime, I’ll just have a terminal open when I need to flash my Photon.

To be continued …


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