A Blog that fit’s in the Pocket (3)

A Blog that fit’s in the Pocket

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WordPress can’t get along without some definitions in the wp_config.php (the configuration) file.  This is because it usually has a user, password, and so forth, that needs to be passed to the database. In the case of SQLite, there are no such security related things. But, I needed to create phantom definitions anyway:

  • define (‘DB_NAME’,’sqlite’);
  • define (‘DB_USER’,’sqlite’);
  • define (‘DB_PASSWORD’,’sqlite’);
  • define (‘DB_HOST’,’sqlite’);
  • define (‘DB_CHARSET’,’utf8′);
  • define (‘DB_COLLATE’,”);
  • define (‘DB_TYPE’,’sqlite’);

As before, I have to say that there are plenty of other options (mostly not related to sqlite) that can be specified in wp_config.php – but I’m not going to begin to ellaborate on any of those.

Technically, one can encrypt data before it’s put into the Sqlite file.  And – there are mechanisms for doing this (sqlcrypt).  I don’t think that any such thing has been worked into the Sqlite related plugins for WordPress however.  As I said, mine is a private server, so access is limited elsewhere.


To be continued …


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