The Odroid XU4 with a new OS (5)

Sometimes, you need to take a screenshot of a frog.  BTW, wouldn’t a frog make a better logo for Gentoo?  Gentoo sounds like a frog to me.  Anyway, when you have to get a screenshot on Gentoo, and you’re using a barebones desktop without the Gnome beast, then maybe you’re using the scrot utility.  I tried using scrot, by emerging it, and it compiled just fine.  Going to use it, I found that it died on a call to the png graphics library.  It turns out that the default emerge recipe for scrot does not include the png option.  So, this is what I did to enable frog pic-snapping on my primitive Gentoo desktop setup:

  • echo  “media-libs/imlib2 png” >>  /etc/portage/package.use
  • emerge –ask scrot

Then, after the png lib is explicitly declared, scrot -d 5 does the trick, and produces the frog.


To be continued …