Playing with a Photon

phot-with-bat1Figure 1:  A Photon-powered project has been added to my collection. Click to enlarge.

Figure one shows the idea in a physical mock up.  Actually, the parts are real, they just haven’t been soldered together yet.  So, we have a battery bank of three Imedion NiMH “AA” cells, running between 3 and 4.2 volts and feeding a booster which supplies 5.0 VDC to the development board. We have the Photon (of course), and an ADC board (or other board) for sensor measurements.  Did I mention that the Photon, in addition to WiFi, does I2C (1), I2S (1), SPI (2), ADC (8), DAC (2), UART (2), PWM and multiple general GPIO? For $19 bucks?

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