A “Homemade” Tablet that uses the Pi2

recessed_switch-3 Figure 1: Recessed switches on the enclosure containing the tiny display and the Pi2 SoC based SBC might be an effective anti-bump device.

Posted 01/18/2016:

Recently, I picked up a Raspberry Pi2, just to see what all the excitement was about. I ran it through its paces, putting some of my favorite obscure operating systems on it (standard practice for me, when dealing with new SBC devices). The Pi2 successfully ran FreeBSD, NAS4Free, Raspbian, and RISC OS. (Granted, Raspbian is not an obscure OS).  My favorite of these, at least on the Raspberry, is RISC OS. It’s the OS that gives me the best impression of speed, although that is a feeling based only on the responsiveness of the GUI.  Since RISC OS uses only one core, it’s not going to process “R” statistical package weather forecasting data faster than the Raspbian.  That’s not a problem – and perception counts when all you really want to do is read the headlines in the news with Netsurf!

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