Rehab for the second “Homemade” Tablet

Recently, I decided to give the engine inside the latest “homemade” tablet project a rehab.  I decided to add an internal battery supply, but to make it a decidedly different kind of thing this time around.  As with the first homemade tablet, this one is geared to use NiMH batteries (I love those things!)  But – I intend to do the battery charging operation in a different manner than was done in the first tablet. I sometimes call the second “homemade” tablet the “Raspi-Riscy” – to differentiate it from an earlier homemade tablet based on the Odroid/C1.  The latest homemade tablet project uses the Pi2 SoC/SBC board.  Initially, I installed the RISC OS operating system onto it.

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Note: This author and site is not affiliated with the Raspberry Pi or the RISC OS operating system in any way.  For information, see and  The Odroid C1 is a product made by Hardkernel at  This author is not affiliated with Hardkernel in any way.