NetBSD Rocks!

Figure 1:  My tiny, tiny, tiny homemade tablet with NetBSD running on it.

I’ve managed to run NetBSD on my Pi2 and Odroid C1 SoC/SBC computers.  Next on the wish list is the XU4 or N2, whichever comes first.  There is speculation about which SoC will be used in the new version, but no-matter-what it seems sure to be a more widely adopted platform than before, which would make a NetBSD port much simpler. Time will tell …

So how small is my little DIY tablet?  It’s spoon sized :

Figure 2:  Spoon sized tablet.  Click to enlarge.

It’s not well known that the top of an old Maytag washing machine makes for a pretty good photo studio in a pinch.   It also does service as a soldering station, schematic blueprint reading area, and homemade tablet assembly platform.  Hundreds of photos are the proof!

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